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Name:Jack B. Badd
RPG account, based loosely on the character from the film Pitch Black. She is an AU version who didn't become Kyra of The Chronicles of Riddick but instead moved on with her life independently after losing touch with Riddick.

I originally played a very AU version of her on LiveJournal, in "Sages of Chaos" and "Dear Multiverse," but this one doesn't have the same history or abilities. She has no superpowers or unusual abilities, and her version of the Pitch Black universe doesn't have any. (Sorry, no Necromongers, Furyans, Elementals, etc. in her world. :P ) It's been about ten years for her since the crash, she's grown up and is in her twenties, and works as a pilot, smuggler, and sometime con artist, traveling from planet to planet and sticking around each until she's run out of good karma. Now, with access to the multiverse, she's looking to make her business multiversal as well as interplanetary. My full explanation is here. Although I have ported over posts from her previous runs in multiversal games, none of them actually relate to this incarnation of Jack.

All images are of Rhiana Griffith, the actress who originally portrayed Jack in Pitch Black. I do not own the copyright to any of the images, or Jack's backstory. My posts, while deriving from those works, are my own original work. Etc.
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